Irn-Bru to keep getting you through with two new TV spots

AG Barr has unveiled two new TV commercials in its ‘Gets You Through’ TV advertising campaign, the most successful campaign in Irn-Bru’s history.

The commercials, which break in early April and run for 3 months, are at the heart of a £6m marketing investment which runs throughout 2015.
“Gets You Through has been a phenomenal success, driving consistent consumer awareness and demand and increasing retailer sales,” says Adrian Troy, AG Barr’s Head of Marketing. Troy revealed that the new commercials reflect the cheeky, maverick attitude for which Irn-Bru is known, while it continues to reinforce the message that whatever life throws at you, Irn-Bru ‘Gets You Through’.

Retailers are also being advised not to under-estimate the importance of Irn-Bru Sugar Free which delivers retailer sales of more than £1m every week.

The success of the ‘Gets You Through’ campaign is reflected in the fact that it has generated over 10 million YouTube views. It has also contributed to a 71% increase in brand loyalty, with three in four 16 to 24-year-old Scots drinking Irn-Bru after the campaign aired on TV.

STG July 2021