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Heineken range

HEINEKEN Star Retailer is a simple three step scheme that will result in a Cider & Beer range merchandised in a way that will increase your sales, and therefore increase your cash flow into your business.

By following these steps, you could see your Cider & Beers sales grow by 12%, equating to £5,500 category growth. Category is the key word – this isn’t just about HEINEKEN brands, it’s about making the space more attractive to your shoppers and helping you to sell more Cider & Beer overall.

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What the Star Retailers say

Bill Bains, Nottingham, “I follow the advice HEINEKEN give around big sporting events, like the UEFA Champions League to maximise sales. I install branded point of sale and stock up my chiller to encourage impulse purchase. On joining the scheme, revenue from my Cider and Beer category initially increased by 20% and I’m still seeing increases in sales…”

Beer and cider category

  • The beer and cider categories are expected to be worth £18.1bn and £3.4 billion respectively by 2020
  • Beer, is worth over £1.1bn in the impulse channel while cider is worth over £385m
  • HEINEKEN is the No.1 Supplier of the beer and cider in the UK, with a portfolio of leading beer brands including Foster’s, Heineken®, Strongbow, Bulmers and Kronenbourg 1664

This Summer offered a potential £55.9 million in beer sales during the Euros.

The opportunity at Christmas

Alcohol sales grew at +2.7% in value over the 12 weeks to Christmas 2015, with premium categories at +16.6% vs. last year (Source: Nielsen Total Coverage 12wks to 2nd Jan 2016), demonstrating that consumers are more willing to trade up during the festive period so retailers should ensure they stock premium options, keeping them chilled and highlighting them with POS.

Top-up missions are the biggest opportunity for retailers at Christmas with consumers looking for smaller packs (single bottles, two, three or four packs) on their way home or en-route to visit friends, so keep your chiller fully stocked with smaller packs to maximise shopper impulse buys.

  1. Range: stock a range of mainstream brands as they make up nearly 50% of category value, but ensure premium options such as Amstel, Heineken and Kronenbourg 1664 are available too
  2. Category: Consider multi-buys and cross category deals as a way to drive sales to build the basket of those shoppers on a top-up mission
  3. Space: Make the most of your store with a secondary display to create in-store theatre and remind shoppers of premium options

The planogram to suit you…

We understand the difficulty meeting all of your customers’ needs and nobody knows them better than you.

These planograms provide valuable category advice to help you stock the brands shoppers are looking for…

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Beer planogram


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