Sustainability in Local Retail

Wednesday 27 March | 10.30am to 3.30pm
WEST Brewery, Templeton Building, Glasgow Green, Glasgow G40 1AW | Free onsite parking

Doing good is good for business

This Sustainability in Local Retail conference will discuss how retailers can drive down their costs and grow their profits by making sustainability central to how they operate their businesses.

Sustainability in Local Retail will demonstrate to retailers how they can move beyond simply reducing waste and begin to make positive, tangible contributions to the communities they serve and beyond.

Critically, the conference will focus on how developing a sustainable business can reduce costs, save time, increase sales and improve profits.

Sustainability in Local Retail will offer attendees hands-on, practical advice on how they can leverage the power of sustainability to grow and future-proof their businesses:

  • Drive footfall and sales by attracting new socially-conscious customers
  • Enhance their store’s environmental and ethical reputation in the local communities they serve
  • Cut costs, save time and improve profits with efficiency improvements throughout the business

Sustainability in Local Retail will consider a wide range of areas where retailers can improve their carbon footprint while also improving their profits:

  • Plastics
  • Packaging reduction
  • Recycling (DRS)
  • Recycle/reduce/reuse
  • Food waste
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable & ethical sourcing
  • Paperless solutions
  • In-store technology
  • Community action

The event is free to attend and refreshments will be provided. If you’re interested in attending email or call Cara on 0141 2225381.

Sponsored by

Coca-Cola European Partners