Destination retail: a retailer masterclass

Learn from some of the best retailers in Europe on how to become a destination store!

It is with great regret that we announce that we will be postponing our Destination Retail event planned for next week (18 March).

Given the circumstances and uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we feel that this is the correct decision. It has not been an easy decision to make but we believe that postponing the event until later in the year is simply the right thing to do for all concerned.

The health and wellbeing of our industry colleagues must always take precedence.

We will be back in touch soon with an update on when we expect the postponed event to take place.

Jeanette Wong & Tom Pell, Clean Kilo, Bournville

Avtar Sidhu, Budgens, Kenilworth

Shamly Sud, Premier Racetrack, Glasgow

Dan Brown, Pinkie Farm Convenience Store, Musselburgh,

SLR is bringing some of Europe’s most outstanding and innovative retailers to Glasgow to share their stories on how they succeeded in becoming true destination stores – and how Scottish local retailers can replicate their success.

The days of cookie-cutter stores with identical ranges and very similar layouts are fast nearing an end. Modern retail is all about offering shoppers innovative and compelling reasons to visit your store.

Ask yourself: why should a shopper pass other retail outlets to visit your store instead? Destination Retail will help answer that question and provide great ideas on how you can turn your store into a destination store, increasing footfall, sales and profits into the bargain.

As we all know, retailers like hearing from other retailers. So that’s why we’ll have a day packed with award-winning retailers sharing their stories and secrets.

Among other stores, you'll learn about Premier Racetrack, Glasgow...
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Shamly Sud and her son Guna run a convenience store like no other...
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With over 60 slush flavours...
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A Havana cigar humidor...
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A chilled beer cave...
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A huge dessert bar...
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Complete with liquid nitrogen ice cream...
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And an enormous vaping range...
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Hear Shamly discuss the store, why she saw it as vital to build a true destination store and what she did to achieve that goal...
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Prepare to be inspired!
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Making a mint: how to cash in on the Menthol Ban

Running alongside our Destination Retail masterclass will be ‘Making a mint: how to cash in on the Menthol Ban’. The event and expo will give retailers all the knowledge they require in the run up the Menthol Ban on 20 May.

Some 20% of adult smokers currently choose menthol products, a huge challenge for the sector but also a huge opportunity for retailers to both help their shoppers at a difficult time and take advantage of the many alternatives available to adult smokers seeking a menthol hit after 20 May.