Irn-Bru to go 100% recycled plastic by spring 2022

No time to waste

AG Barr has unveiled plans to be carbon neutral by 2040 and with Irn-Bru and Rubicon moving to 100% recycled plastic by spring next year.

Irn-Bru maker AG Barr has launched a new environmental sustainability programme that confirms its plans to be carbon net zero by 2040, a decade ahead of the UK’s proposed 2050 deadline.

Under its ‘No Time To Waste’ initiative, Irn-Bru and Rubicon will be in 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottles by Spring 2022 with all other AG Barr brands following suit by 2023.

Bringing together multiple energy, packaging and waste initiatives under one collective banner, No Time To Waste publicly reinforces the company’s aim to increase sustainability and ultimately reduce environmental impact.

To date AG Barr has already made great strides through :

  • 100% recyclable soft drinks packaging
  • clear on-pack recycling messages on all containers
  • 20% less plastic in bottles over the past decade
  • removal of difficult to recycle plastic sleeves from 14 million bottles
  • 50% rPET across Strathmore and Rubicon brands
  • 100% renewable electricity at all its sites
  • a 41% reduction in greenhouse gases since 2015 and
  • all non-hazardous waste diverted from landfill

Under No Time To Waste in 2021 it will also:

  • significantly reduce the use of virgin plastic through 100% recycled film on all consumer multipacks
  • introduce paper straws on small juice packs
  • be among the first in the UK to introduce only plant-based plastics in its 1ltr cartons

As a founder member of Circularity Scotland, the new not-for-profit administrator of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme, AG Barr is also committed to creating a truly circular system for drinks containers.

Roger White, AG Barr Chief Executive said: “As a responsible business this is a hugely important programme for us. But today’s announcement is only the start. Under our No Time To Waste programme we are openly committing to be carbon net zero by 2040, if not sooner, and plan to involve all our staff, suppliers and customers in achieving our long-term vision”.

Find out more on Barr’s website.