Coke’s new ad is tongue-thing else

Coca-cola advert with tongue

Coca-Cola has launched a new campaign, which the soft drinks giant said “celebrates the iconic taste of Coca-Cola and its unique ability to transport you to special moments and memories associated with the feeling of taking that first sip”.

A new TV ad follows a woman drinking a Coke and remembering being on a beach, playing sport and dancing with friends. The ad features a giant animated tongue that wouldn’t look out of place in a David Lynch movie but apparently illustrates “how the distinctive Coca-Cola taste behind each sip features in fond memories from summer holidays to sporting events”.

The Magic Taste of Coca-Cola includes a minute-long ad, complemented with 20- and 30-second spots, alongside out-of-home, digital and PR activity.

Walter Susini, Marketing Director for Western Europe at Coca-Cola, said: “The creative dramatises the magic of the Coca-Cola taste both figuratively with the animated tongue and emotionally through the memories associated with taking that first sip of an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a summer’s day.”

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