It’s medication time 

Woman sneezing

Having a cough, sore throat or a bout of sneezing takes on an entirely fresh complexion this year as fears around coronavirus appear to be growing once more – so make sure you’re ready for a spike in sales of medicated confectionery. 

Medicated confectionery comes into its own at this time of year but the category could see an even steeper spike in sales than usual as shoppers take every step they can to ensure they avoid coughs and sneezes in this coronavirus-dominated world. 

“As it starts to get colder outside and with winter quickly approaching, consumers are looking for a way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to their health,” says Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager at Mondelez International. “Relief candy plays a key part in a retailer’s range at this time of year. Halls, the number one relief candy brand in the UK [Nielsen, Aug 2020]], is fulfilling consumer’s needs through an exciting range of products.” 

To help retailers capitalise, Halls last unveiled an innovative new product perfect for this time of year. Halls demonstrated its market-leading position with the launch of new Halls Proactive with Vitamin C, a category first. This product aims to drive incremental sales for retailers, through extending into a new need-state and targeting a broader consumption occasion.  

The sugar-free  sweets with added Vitamin C proactively support the immune system before the onset of coughs and colds and are available in two citrus flavours – Orange and Pink Grapefruit – in a handy resealable bag.  

The Halls and Halls Soothers range are iconic brands in the Relief category – so much so that when the new Halls Proactive was tested, the results showed 82% [Zappistore Concept Test – January 2019] of UK consumers would consider purchasing the new range extension. 

Nash advises all retailers to stock the full range this winter, to meet all shoppers needs and flavour preferences. 

Another popular brand worth stocking is Lockets which contain a soothing liquid centre and clearing menthol double-action formula. Each pack contains 10 sweets and the range includes three flavours: Honey & Lemon, Extra Strong and Cranberry & Blueberry.