Guinness opens door to ‘craft curious’ consumers

Craft curious brews from Guinness

Guinness has launched two new beers targeted at the “craft curious” drinker: Open Gate Citra IPA (5% ABV) and Open Gate Pilsner (4.5% ABV).

The new drinks aim to address the barriers to craft beer and become a “gateway range”, giving the UK’s 7.5m consumers who are curious about craft beer – but don’t buy it much – the confidence to venture off the beaten path that leads to more mainstream brews.

Created at the Open Gate Brewery in Dublin, both are available now in bottle and can formats.

Open Gate Brewery Citra IPA has an RSP of £1.85 for a 330ml bottle, or £6 for a 4-pack of 330ml cans. Open Gate Brewery Pilsner RSPs at £1.85 for a 650ml bottle, £5 for a 4-pack of 330ml bottles, and £12 for a 12-pack of 330ml bottles.

Katie Hunter, Innovation Manager for Guinness, said: “Our two new highly-crafted beers sit in the white space between mainstream and craft beers – enabling craft curious consumers to trade up from mainstream beer with the assurances of the Guinness brand.

“These two new beers are set to inspire consumers to broaden their beer repertoires in an accessible way, and ultimately drive incremental sales in the category.”