Flat Earthers rent shop in Inverness

Inverness, where Flat Earthers have rented a shop
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Nothing gets UTC’s dander up more than the sight of a High Street with boarded-up shops. Nothing that is, except cranks with ridiculous beliefs intent on foisting them upon the rest of us.

Imagine his consternation last month then, when he was flicking through his copy of The Scotsman and learned that Flat Earthers have rented a shop in Inverness.

The unsavoury bunch have taken the shop on in a bid to promote the theory that the world is not round. They clearly missed Ellon Musk’s recent adventures in space – and much of what has happened in the 20th century, but there you go. A message on the shop window apparently says: “You’ve been lied to”.

Inverness West councillor Alex Graham diplomatically commented that “anything to boost occupancy of the several empty shops” was welcome but added that he did personally believe that the earth is round.
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