Foster’s Rocks unleashes new marketing campaign

Rum Unleashed billboard

Foster’s has launched a new campaign to support its range of flavoured lagers, Foster’s Rocks.

The £2m campaign, ‘Rum Unleashed’ aims to drive visibility and trial of the new range, which is available in two flavours: Spiced Rum and Classic Rum.

Outdoor advertising features the tagline ‘Rum Unleashed’, which is inspired by 19th Century traders who weathered storms to keep the supply of rum flowing to Australia.

A 30 second radio ad calls on listeners to ‘Discover the great taste now’. Consumers will also have the opportunity to sample Foster’s Rocks, with over 300,000 samples being distributed in city centres.

Ifeoma Dozie, Beer Brand Director at Heineken, commented: “Foster’s Rocks taps into the growing consumer interest in new and exotic flavours, as well as the trend for flavoured lager, to offer something brand new for our target audience. The Rum Unleashed campaign will drive interest in the new product and the overall beer category, as well as the Foster’s brand, through a variety of relevant media touch points.”

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