When personalisation goes wrong…

'Happy Holidays Chris' chocolate bar

Apparently not having been a good enough boy last year to make it onto Mondelez’s Christmas list, UTC was tickled to see his colleague Findlay finally open a huge bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk that he received from Mondelez in December.

And this was no ordinary bar of chocolate. No sirree. It was a personalised bar. The only problem was that it was personalised for someone else. “Happy Holidays, Chris,” it read.

Trade journalism being a small world, however, Findlay soon learned that his bar had been sent to Scottish Grocer editor Matthew Lynas. So presumably there is a journalist in Englandshire somewhere wondering why they got a bar of chocolate called Matthew.

Having said all that, it still tasted good. So, no point crying over misspelt Dairy Milk. [Worst. Pun. Ever – Ed.]

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