What’s wrong with a Bloody Mary?

Survivor pack

Not that he has a personal requirement for it, of course, but UTC was intrigued to hear about a new million-dollar idea: the ultimate hangover cure.

As far as he’s concerned, a good, stiff Bloody Mary usually does the trick, but apparently there’s a healthier way of dealing with a hellish hangover and it’s called Survivor.

According to the press release, Survivor is… well, it’s not entirely clear from the press release what Survivor is. However, it allegedly “mitigates some of the damage moderate alcohol consumption has, and helps balance social life, productivity, and well-being.”

Not exactly renowned for his ‘moderate’ alcohol consumption, the auld yin was even less enamoured when it turned out that Survivor is some sort of new-fangled dietary supplement pill that you’re supposed to take while drinking.

UTC had some vague memory of his auld mammy telling him not to take tablets while drinking and she wasn’t wrong on much, so he’s going to give this one a miss. Now, where’s that carton of tomato juice again?Under The Counter

STG July 2021