Wagon Wheels gets behind dads

Dadsnet presenters

Wagon Wheels is set to support dads through a campaign in partnership with Dadsnet – launching on Father’s Day (20 June 2021).

The six-month campaign will centre around a series of ‘Real Talk’ videos hosted by the ‘Loose Dads’ across Dadsnet’s platforms, tackling topics including gender stereotyping and Covid-19.

The campaign will also include content such as dad jokes and competitions, and will be supported across social media.

“In the last year, support for mental health has never been more important,” said Kate Needham, Burton’s Biscuit Co.’s Marketing Director. “As a brand notoriously popular with men, we wanted to create a campaign which would not only show our support but spark real conversations on hard-hitting issues in a relatable, down to earth way.”

Dadsnet has over 300,000 active members of likeminded dads who connect online and face-to-face.

Al Ferguson, father of three and CEO of Dadsnet, commented: “Wagon Wheels is such an iconic brand with a big fanbase, including Dadsnet followers, which makes our platform a great fit for this campaign. We are thrilled to have partnered with Burton’s Biscuit Co on such an important mission to get dads talking!”

This new campaign follows the brand’s biggest ever on-pack promotion ‘Stig on Wheels’ earlier this year, which ran in partnership with BBC Top Gear.

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