Rock Rose Gin uncorks Summer Edition 2022

Rock Rose gin

Dunnet Bay Distillers has launched its 2022 Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition (41.5% ABV).

Distilled using ingredients from the gardens and rockery of the eco-friendly distillery, this expression “brings a taste of the Scottish summer garden” to Rock Rose Gin.

The challenge the makers set themselves was to make a citrus-style gin using botanicals growing in the distillery garden and with no peels, as Claire Murray, co-founder and co-director of Dunnet Bay Distillers, explained: “Lots of discussions and research took place with Hanna, our gardener, and she planted, harvested, and dried numerous botanicals for us to taste and experiment with.

“The chosen botanicals include lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, meadow-sweet, and elderflowers. It’s a light, bright, citrusy and herbal spirit that captures the essence of our summer garden.”

Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition is priced at £39 for a 70cl bottle or £32 for a fully recyclable refill pouch.