Water-based disposable vape revealed

Aquios Bar vapes

Aquios Labs has launched Aquios Bar, described as “the world’s first water-based vape product” and the result of a £3m investment.

The new disposable vape launches in 10 flavours and features an innovative coil design and specially formulated e-liquid that the company said makes water-based vaping possible for the first time.

In using 30% water, Aquios Labs’ AQ30 technology reduces the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) content in the e-liquid. The goals are purer taste, less throat irritation and dehydration, and enhanced chemical stability to maximise harm reduction.

For the consumer, this should mean a smoother vapour, faster satisfaction, and cleaner flavour profiles, as well as a reduction in the sensation of dry mouth.

The novel design also addresses environmental concerns as it uses fewer carbon-intensive materials, and the component parts can be disassembled for recycling.

The company is aiming to establish a major presence in the convenience and specialist retail vape market, as well as on forecourts, and in cash & carrys.

It believes the range is ideally suited to help the UK’s seven million smokers kick the habit. Being focused on user experience, it addresses issues such as throat irritation that have tended to put off smokers or have led to vapers return to smoking, Aquios said.

A spokesperson for Aquios said: “Vaping has been one of the most disruptive markets this century, but it is still a young industry. Therefore, there is significant scope for continuous innovation as the category evolves, particularly in consumer experience, optimisation of harm reduction, and making vaping much more climate friendly.”