Purdey’s leads charge towards ‘healthier’ energy drinks

Purdey's drinks

Britvic has announced a positioning revamp for Purdey’s, supported by a seasonal campaign that aims to grow demand for healthier energy drinks and drive sales this summer.

The brand is keen to tap into the Natural Energy subcategory, predicted to be worth £288m in total retail sales value by 2022.

The new brand descriptor – rolling out on packs now – sees the brand repositioned from “multivitamin fruit drink” to “multivitamin energy”. The change aims to resonate more clearly with existing consumers and stockists, as well as bringing new consumers into the healthier energy category.

To support the change and reinforce the new brand positioning, Britvic is running an outdoor campaign including bus shelter advertising. It is a continuation of last year’s campaign and runs until September across major cities.

Kevin McNair, Marketing Director at Britvic GB, commented: “Energy is already the No.1 segment within immediate refreshment, worth £464m in value and 54% bigger than cola and the need for energy in soft drinks is important and continuing to grow. However, many consumers are moving away from traditional soft drinks and opting for other soft drinks, like Purdey’s, to meet their energy needs.”

The range comprises Purdey’s Rejuvenate and Purdey’s Edge variants, both available in 250ml cans and 330ml glass bottles.

  • Purdey’s Rejuvenate – A blend of grape and apple juices, sparkling spring water and botanical extracts, with added vitamins
  • Purdey’s Edge – A blend of dark fruit juices, sparkling spring water and botanical extracts, with added vitamins