‘Posh Drop’ for Foster’s Gold

Heineken is launching a new TV and outdoor creative for its premium bottled lager Foster’s Gold. Building on the product’s ‘posh and sophisticated’ while integrating the brand’s ‘No Worries’ values, 30 and 40 second TV executions of the ad, ‘France’ show Aussie brand ambassador Brad calling his Agony Uncle partner Dan for advice from France’s Cote D’Azur, the latest stop on his European travels..

The film opens at a trendy party showing Brad on the terrace of a stunning Mediterranean villa, looking completely at home as he sips Foster’s Gold – “the Posh Drop” – in his new stylish surroundings. His poise is clearly jolted when he sees one local welcoming another with a traditional Gallic greeting, prompting the question to his beach hut buddy. “Should I join in?”

The ad closes with Brad heeding his friend’s advice and giving a rather startled Frenchman, who has handed him a bottle of Foster’s Gold, a hearty hug of appreciation.

Gayle Harrison, Brand Director – Foster’s at Heineken says: “The new TV and outdoor advertising will reinforce Foster’s Gold’s credentials as ‘The Posh Drop’ and build on its trade and consumer reputation  as one of the most exciting and successful additions to the beer category.”

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