Fabulous extensions to Cadbury Fingers

Burton’s Biscuit Company is introducing two new Cadbury Fabulous Fingers flavours (Honeycomb and Praline) and a £1.2m marketing drive, including nationwide TV advertising.

The launch of the two new variants will accelerate growth of the highly successful Cadbury Fabulous Fingers, which since its launch in autumn 2011 has generated annual sales of almost £8m, achieving household penetration of 8.5%. The company adds that this has been achieved without cannibalising overall Cadbury Biscuit sales, making it a great choice for retailers looking to maximise choice and sales.

The TV campaign, which will reach 84% of all housewives with children, launches on April 22 and runs for four weeks. It comprises the 30 second commercial featuring the Cadbury Fingers-style puppets – Caitlin and Madison Fabulous – in a 1980s American-style soap opera, and two new 10 second commercials for the praline and honeycomb variants.

Stuart Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, Burton’s Biscuit Company, said: “The introduction of two new variants and the associated marketing investment will drive awareness and sales of Cadbury Fabulous Fingers – a highly successful sub-brand that has already generated significant incremental sales in the indulgent biscuit sector. Honeycomb and praline are both distinctive flavours, broadening the appeal of a product that attracts consumers to the biscuit fixture by providing a totally new treat experience in indulgent snacking.”

In addition to nationwide TV advertising, the £1.2m support package includes sampling and extensive in-store support.

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