Foster’s ad takes pop at craft beer

Foster’s agony uncles Brad and Dan are back for a new multi-media campaign that sees them once again dispensing advice over the airwaves to Brits in need.

The £6m marketing spend represents Foster’s biggest advertising investment in years and is estimated it will reach over 20 million people, including 88% of all 18-56-year-olds. It includes TV, video-on-demand, radio and social media activity.

The campaign features a 30-second ad called ‘Brother-in-Law’, which takes a swipe at the rise of craft beer. In it, Harry from Abergavenny worriedly asks Brad and Dan what to serve his “fancy pants” brother-in-law at a BBQ. “If he wants a la-di-da, give him a la-di-dager” they reply, encouraging the Welshman to pour the Amber Nectar into an old jam jar and call it something obscure.

Nic Casby, Brand Director at parent company Heineken, said: “We wanted to bring back this ‘No Worries’ brand essence and encourage people to see the pint glass half-full with a dose of Aussie positivity!

“This campaign will add some refreshment to the classic lager category and we’re sure consumers will love it thanks to its entertaining, relatable and memorable content.”