P-p-p-pick up a miniature Penguin

Penguin Minis

McVitie’s has unveiled McVitie’s Penguin Mini Biscuits in a new multipack format.

Offering individually bagged mini penguin-shaped biscuits, the launch has a forecasted RSV of £1m.

The new multipack, which has a RSP of £1.69, includes a huddle of six different inner bags for the biscuits. These feature several new petite penguin characters and shoppers need not fear as, even though the biscuits have gone miniature, they still feature a selection of brrrrrilliant jokes.

Rolling out across grocery and convenience stores from mid-January, the range will form part of the wider McVitie’s Sweeet campaign which has seen a £20m investment to date.

McVitie’s brand director, Kerry Owens, commented: “McVitie’s Penguin is a well-established and well-loved family favourite so we are incredibly excited to introduce this new format to the market.

The new miniature biscuits allow us to continue to bring chocolate-filled chuckles and liven up snacking. As the largest NPD for the brand for several years, we anticipate strong shopper demand to see it on shelf in-store.”