Nestlé Professional brews up new coffee machine

Nestlé Alegria coffee dispenser

Nestlé Professional has launched a new version of its Nescafé Alegria machine, which the company says can generate up to an extra £10,950 annual turnover from selling 30 cups of coffee a day.

Retailing at £1 per cup, Nescafé Alegria can deliver up to 15 café-style coffees, including Cappuccino, Latté, Mocha and Espresso – all from the same coffee cartridge.  Nestlé sees it as a chance for operators looking to tap into the ‘on the go’ coffee opportunity to drive revenue.

Matt Lane, Head of Beverage Solutions at Nestlé Professional,  said: “We’ve seen consistent growth in consumer demand for quality coffee, with the coffee shop market now worth £7.2 billion and growing by an impressive 10.9% each year.  What’s more, the growth of ‘on the go’ lifestyles has meant consumers now expect their favourite drink anywhere, anytime and take-away has become routine.

“We can help retailers take advantage of this trend and generate incremental revenue. With machine outlay and set-up costs covered by selling just three cups a day, Nescafé Alegria provides retailers with the perfect opportunity to offer consumers an enjoyable coffee experience from a brand they know and trust and at a price they want.”

Nestlé offers extensive service support including maintenance, point-of-sale materials and recipe development and say the machine is quick and simple to operate, with virtually no training time needed for staff.

The company are running a free prize draw to win one of the machines for a year, along with 1,000 cups of coffee. Retailers can visit to enter.