Mentos shakes up confectionery

Mentos Shakies

Following a successful roll out of singles packs, Mentos Shakies is now introducing a new multipack containing four rolls.

Each pack contains Strawberry Milkshake, Banana Milkshake and Peach Milkshake flavoured chewy sweets, and are made with only natural colours and flavours.

The launch is part of a wider strategy to add breadth to the Mentos range, and the new sweets are targeted squarely at a younger audience.

Brand Manager Claire Powley said: “With shoppers increasingly curious and experimental in the confectionery aisle, the introduction of the new multipack format, will allow consumers to trial the Shakie flavours and further boost sales of Mentos.”

Mentos Shakies four-pack is available to all independent retailers with an rrp of £1.19.