Coke says ‘We Do’ with Marilyn

Coca-Cola Marilyn Monroe advert

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has unveiled the next phase of its ‘We Do’ campaign to celebrate Coca-Cola Classic and reinforce “the uniqueness and specialness of the 132-year old global phenomenon”. 

Much like the Elvis Presley design which launched on April 6, the new advert features Marilyn Monroe in a style reminiscent of Coke’s historical print adverts, together with the strapline “They don’t make ‘em like they used to. We do”.

The advert runs across digital out-of-home advertising sites and national print media.

Simon Harrison, Customer Marketing Director GB at CCEP, said: “Coca-Cola is an iconic, well-loved brand that provides a moment of uplift for drinkers, which is why they return time and time again.

“Despite the world changing around it, the brand has maintained the same original recipe that was created in 1886 and is still loved by many today.

“The ‘We Do’ campaign is a celebration of a truly remarkable drink that has survived over a century and isn’t going anywhere soon.”

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