Any chance of a Lyft home?

Getting home with Lyft

It’s not every day that UTC picks up a good idea from his American cousins, but he was reading last month about an idea that he thought would catch on just lovely in sunny Glasvegas.

Budweiser has hooked up with some mob called Lyft that basically provides a free lift home to law-abiding customers whom might have gotten a little carried away during a social evening in the public house and had a wee bevvy or two too many.

The fact that the idea behind the service is to stop people drink-driving was lost on the auld yin who has never troubled himself with the inconvenience of sitting a driving test. Never seen the point, apparently. No, he was more interested in saving a fortune on cabs as there’s only so many taxi receipts he can squeeze into his expenses every week without the ‘auld accounts dragon’ at SLR Towers pulling him up.

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