Cathedral City stays at home

Cathedral City ad

Cheese brand Cathedral City is back on TV screens with a new advertising campaign that focuses on the comfort of home in troubling times and carries the call to action ‘#stayhome’.

A 30-second ad celebrates a variety of in-home family cheese meal occasions, evoking the comfort and security of quality time, spent at home with loved ones and sharing a favourite family meal. Closing with the strapline ‘The Nation’s Favourite’, the ad showcases the brand’s core range to inspire viewers to make the most of life under lock-down and create their own cheddar dishes.

The ad runs across ITV, C4 and Sky, as well as on catch-up platforms ITV Hub and All4.

Cathedral City Marketing Controller Neil Stewart commented: “We have chosen to expressly acknowledge the new circumstances everybody is living under and highlight the little moments of joy that can come out of such situations.

“With so many more meal times being spent in the home at this time, our hope is to encourage families to embrace this time together and to inspire them to be creative with staple ingredients.”

The TV campaign is underpinned by a number of wider initiatives by the brand to support communities living through the pandemic, including a social campaign to share cheese hacks – from ‘how to freeze cheese’ to ‘reinvigorating mealtimes’ with easy recipes made from simple store cupboard ingredients.