Freshen up your big night in offer!

Big night in front of the TV

The big night in opportunity is a great chance to build bigger basket spend. SLR brings you some of the latest products and promotions to hit the market that could help freshen up your offer.

There are few shopper missions that deliver big basket spends quite like the ‘big night in’. Staying in has been the new going out for years now and a dedicated big night in fixture can be the catalyst for a big spend across numerous different product categories.

Keeping your big night in offer fresh, however, is vital in ensuring that it doesn’t become ‘wallpaper’ for your customers. With that in mind, SLR offers an overview of some of the latest products and promotions to hit the market that could help drive some interest in the big night in fixture and help build some more big basket spends.

Rustlers Moroccan Vegetarian Burger

With the surge in interest in vegetarianism, Rustlers has launched a Moroccan Vegetarian Burger with an RSP of £2. Made with chickpea, grated carrot and coriander and served with mango chutney and a yoghurt and mint sauce, it has been developed to drive penetration amongst younger shoppers.

Kepak believes its new vegetarian offering has the potential to generate more than £2m worth of incremental sales – and it might bring something a little different to the big night in opportunity.

Fanta Raspberry zero sugar

Coca-Cola European Partners is adding a new flavour to its Fanta zero sugar range with the launch of Fanta Raspberry zero sugar. Available now, the new variant from Britain’s number one flavoured carbonated soft drinks brand, the product contains zero calories and zero sugar.

It is available in a 330ml can and a 500ml PET bottle for on-the-go consumption occasions, with an 8x330ml can multipack and a 2-ltr PET bottle, both perfect for the big night in. The launch is supported by a £2m marketing investment.

Cadbury Darkmilk variants

The launch of Cadbury Darkmilk was the biggest confectionery launch of 2019 [Nielsen, Dec 2019], so the addition of two new variants to the range is good news for retailers. Launched last month, Cadbury Darkmilk with Crunchy Cocoa Pieces comes in an 85g tablet format and combines rich and creamy Cadbury Darkmilk with crunchy cocoa nibs for added texture and an intense cocoa hit. Hitting the shelves this month is Cadbury Darkmilk Giant Buttons, a combination of Cadbury Darkmilk in a proven format and perfect for the big night in occasion.

McCoy’s Muchos

KP Snacks has announced a further £1m marketing push for its McCoy’s Muchos Mexican-inspired tortilla range. The campaign will drive awareness and anticipation amongst consumers looking for a flavoursome snack to spice up sharing occasions.

Launching this month, the playful creative returns to TV and VOD, featuring animated characters, including Mexican wrestlers, a mariachi band and DJ Burro, the brand’s superstar DJ donkey.

The campaign is also supported by in-store activity with £1 PMP promotions. Muchos is available in three Mexican flavours: Cool Sour Cream & Onion, Tangy Nacho Cheese and Smokey Chilli Chicken. All are available in 180g packs with an RSP of £1.99, with Tangy Nacho Cheese and Smokey Chilli Chicken also in 80g £1 PMPs.

M&M’s Block

M&M’s has launched four Block variants that contain mini M&M’s alongside pieces of peanut, hazelnut or crispy and are encased in milk chocolate.

Supporting the release is a £1.4m above-the-line campaign and a British adaptation of the brand’s successful 2018 Super Bowl commercial.

KP cross-brand promo

Snacking giant KP has launched its biggest ever cross-brand promotion offering consumers the chance to win a ‘Next Level Lunch’, with thousands of experiences up for grabs including five prizes of lunch at a skyscraper in either New York, Dubai, Bangkok or Tokyo.

Running from this month until 31 May, the promotion will feature on more KP Snacks products than any previous promotion, including across £1 PMPs and Grab Bags of Nik Naks and Skips, and various Grab Bags, PMPs and multipacks of McCoy’s and Hula Hoops.

The cross-brand promotion includes an instant win mechanic with thousands of prizes available.

McCoy’s Fiery Steak

McCoy’s is a firm big night in favourite so their latest offering – Fiery Steak – should be a hit. Described by McCoy’s as “a spectacular face-off between meat and heat”, the new ridge cut crisp is available this month in Grab Bag and PMP formats. From May 2020 the product will also be available in the McCoy’s Strong & Spicy Variety Multipack.

RSP is 89p for the Grab Bag, £1 for the PMP pack and £1.70 for multipacks.

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