Who’s that Holden a bowl of Alpen?

Amanda Holden eats Alpen

Alpen has introduced a new TV advert and ‘21 Ways to Start Your Day’ campaign, featuring Amanda Holden.

The advert is designed to promote a change in direction for the Alpen brand and encourage customers to enjoy muesli at breakfast time, and be more flexible with it.

In the ’21 Ways to Start your Day’ campaign, Amanda Holden and Alpen will provide 21 top tips to start each day differently, shown on the Alpen website.

Alpen says the shift in brand direction will appeal to health conscious consumers and will show their food “in a more appealing way.”

Alex Murphy, Senior Brand Manager for Alpen, commented: “We target our consumers based on attitudes and we understand that there are a group of consumers that reach a certain point in their lives that want to make some small changes, including feeling more healthy. They look at their food intake and make smart decisions that reflect a positive change in what they eat, and Alpen is a smart choice with 100% natural ingredients, high in protein and a good source of fibre.”