‘Veganism’ sparks ‘flood’ of ‘apostrophes’

vegan savouries: saag aloo lattice

Being something of an old-school pedant when it comes to grammar, UTC has rather taken the hump with the flood of veganism that has swept the nation of late. Despite being a confirmed carnivore who views Gregg’s vegan sausage roll as a crime against humanity, he has no problem per se with veganism.

But what really gets on his wick is the spate of unnecessary apostrophes that has accompanied the rise of veganism. A recent release from Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars, for example, offered ‘cheese’ for sale, specifically ‘feta’, as well as a whole range of ‘fit foods’. You can also get ‘sausages’, ‘bacon’ or ‘steak’.

The auld yin’s main problem is that he can’t read words with these apostrophes around them without involuntarily imagining someone doing those annoying mid-air apostrophe signs with their fingertips. It apparently makes him want to shove one of those ‘sausages’ up their ‘arse’.

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