SPAR’s TV blitz

Spar Scotland lorry

SPAR Scotland is back on STV from 25 January for two weeks. Running in conjunction with its most recent in-store campaign, the new TV ads will focus on the everyday value offered in stores.

Brands featured during the campaign will include Walkers, Robinsons, Aero, Baxters, Fray Bentos, Carlsberg and Budweiser.

Another two week advertising slot will run during GMTV from 15 February which will feature a range of breakfast offers. Thirty airtime spots will run over two weeks – 15 each week.

After that, SPAR Scotland will be back on STV from 29 March for another two week burst with the same advert design but with fresh new offers.

Colin McLean, CEO of SPAR Scotland, said: “We know investing in TV is a huge commitment but based on the compiled data, TV reaches a great number of the Scottish population especially now when we are encouraged to stay home and stay safe. The unique combination of this reach and the huge volume of time the population is spending watching TV makes it a powerful form of advertising for us. Value today is important to our customers and our continued advertising campaign gives us a great opportunity to promote this message on TV for the first three months of the year.”

Running alongside the TV airtime, SPAR Scotland will support the advertising campaign via social media, in-store radio and in-store POS.