Republic launches Flavour Fusion Cards

Swan Flavour Fusion Cards

Republic Technologies has unveiled a new range of Flavour Fusion Cards under its Swan brand.

Available from February, the cards will launch in two variants – Fresh Burst and Menthol – in outers of 25 individual cards with an RSP of 39p per card.

Cards are placed in a packet of cigarettes or roll-your-own tobacco to impregnate the contents with a new flavour.

Gavin Anderson, Head of Sales at Republic Technologies (UK) said: “Following the change in legislation last May, we have seen a significant number of consumers looking for flavour alternatives to menthol cigarettes. Building on the successful launch of our Swan Crushball Menthol capsule filters last spring, our new Flavour Fusion Cards will enable retailers to offer shoppers even more choice in flavour and format. The cards will also provide smokers with the ultimate in flavour impregnation.”

For more information on stocking the range, call 01494 492230 or email