Slush sales set the till ringing

Snowshock slush machine

A run of good weather combined with lots of thirsty children meant our new Snowshock machine earned its keep last month.

The spell of wonderful weather in Falkirk couldn’t have come at a better time as far as our new Snowshock slush machine is concerned. It has been a huge with local kids – and a quite a few adults too.

We have added some posters and signage advertising the machine, and we’ve carried some content on our Facebook page for Woodlands. The results have been fantastic, particularly as the average margin is north of 75%.

In the last month alone we have sold:

  • 56 small slushes (75p)
  • 78 medium slushes (£1.10)
  • 37 large slushes (£1.80)

That’s a total of 171 units in a month at hefty margins, which is doing our bottom line no harm at all. Clearly, we shouldn’t expect sales like this every month, with the sun unlikely to be out to play as often as it has been lately. The results, however, speak for themselves.

The machine is also maintenance-free, easy to use and, barring cleaning, more or less takes care of itself.