Rosie’s Pig gives birth to Raspberry Roller

Rosie's Pig Raspberry Roller

Westons Cider is extending its Rosie’s Pig range of cloudy ciders with the launch of Rosie’s Pig Raspberry Roller Cloudy Cider.

The new Raspberry and Cucumber flavoured cider taps into the huge growth of berry-flavoured ciders, which now account for 87% of all fruit ciders sold.

The new variant joins existing Rosie’s Pig cloudy cider flavours Flat Tyre Cloudy Cider with Rhubarb, Handbrake Cloudy Cider with Damson and Rusted Wheel Cloudy Cider with Cherry. Although originally launched as limited-editions, the range has now launched on a permanent basis, due to its all-year-round appeal, and is available in 330ml cans (4% ABV).

“We are very excited to be bringing Rosie’s Pig Raspberry Roller Cloudy Cider with Raspberry and Cucumber to market,” said Tim Williams, Rosie’s Pig Brand Manager.

“The Rosie’s Pig range flavours of Rhubarb, Damson, Cherry, and now Raspberry and Cucumber will help to add further growth to the fruit cider category, bringing in new drinkers across all age groups.”

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