One Stop’s lunchtime meal deal just got cooler

Meal Deals just got cooler

One Stop has tweaked its £3 lunchtime meal deal to include 14 ice cream lines, with the aim of driving sales over the summer.

Starting today (April 26), customers will be able to add selected handheld ice creams (up to the RRP £2.29) as a ‘snack’ in their meal deal, with the best value combination offering a decent £4.69 saving.

Some of the ice cream lines added include favourites such as Ben & Jerry’s ‘Wich Sandwiches, Wall’s Max Duo, Cornetto, Solero and Oreo.

“It’s a win, win for both customers and franchisees,” said Galen Levi, Head of Proposition for Franchise at One Stop. “This great initiative ensures that customers now have a huge choice of meal options and our franchisees enjoy a great footfall driver courtesy of what has become a real destination for customers – where else can you pick from such an extensive range of sandwiches, snacks, confectionery, hot and cold drinks, Slush Puppie and ice cream from just £3!”

The 14 included lines are:

  • Cornetto Strawberry 90ml
  • Cornetto Classico 90ml
  • Solero Exotic 90ml
  • Twister
  • Walls Feast 90ml
  • Calippo Orange 90ml
  • Ben & Jerry’s ‘Wich Cookie Dough 80ml
  • Calippo Straw Vanilla 105ml
  • Oreo Icecream Cookie 105ml
  • Mr Freeze Freezepops 90ml
  • Ben & Jerry’s ‘Wich Chocolate Fudge Brownie 80ml
  • Twister Blackcurrant 80ml
  • Feast Sandwich 86ml
  • Wall’s Max Duo Chocolate & Vanilla 60ml