Metcalfe’s packaging gets skinnier

Metcalfe's skinny popcorn

Popcorn manufacturer Metcalfe’s skinny has launched a new flavour and unveiled a refreshed packaging design across its range.

Metcalfe’s skinny Honey Bee, whose sweet and savoury flavour profile is “similar to that of honey on toast”, is made with 100% natural ingredients and real honey. The new product will be sold in sharing bag format.

The new range artwork aims to give the brand a more cohesive and unified look and feel. The designs are inspired by abstract vintage prints in a bid to give the packs a lighter shelf presence. The colour profiles have been streamlined so that they are more in line with the product flavour; which Metcalfe’s says will simplify and improve the shopper purchasing experience.

As well as new artwork, Metcalfe’s skinny has moved to a new bag size on the impulse (single serve) range. This change takes place firstly to differentiate the brand from crisps on shelf. With these amendments Metcalfe’s skinny has reduced their packaging by over 17% while keeping the same content of 25g per bag (for 4 out of 5 of the SKUs).