Merry Biscuits once again from pladis

Merry Biscuits from pladis

Pladis has unveiled its 2018 Christmas biscuits range, recycling last year’s ‘Merry Biscuits Everyone’ as the name for its festive campaign.

McVitie’s Victoria is back for Christmas, with sparkling seasonal packaging to give the product added appeal following consumer feedback. It is available in a range of formats from the popular 100g (RSP £1) to more shareable 300g (RSP £5) and 600g (RSP £8) boxes.

Consumers looking for some festive luxury will be met with the return of McVitie’s White Chocolate Digestives Nibbles. The limited-edition variant will feature deluxe festive packaging, ensuring the product stands out on shelf. A 120g sharing pouch will RSP at £1.99.

The pladis festive offering also includes:

  • McVitie’s Family Circle – Giving shoppers an everyday selection of biscuits to share with friends and family over the Christmas period, the assortment will be available in 360g (RSP £3.09), 670g (RISP £6) and 900g (RISP £8) packs.
  • McVitie’s Moments – intended for social gifting, the McVitie’s Moments chocolate box offers a selection of biscuits presented in modern, premium packaging. Aimed at attracting the younger shopper, it will be available in a 400g box with an RSP of £10.
  • Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese Selection – Revamped packaging adds some Christmas magic to this seasonal favourite, which is available in three formats: 450g (RSP £4.29), 900g (RSP £7.50), 300g (RSP £2.99).
  • Jacob’s Savoury Favourites – with four different types of biscuits, including Mini Cheddars and TUC, this 200g snacking assortment (RSP £2.19) is available in more modern and simple packaging for 2018, so consumers know exactly what’s inside.
  • Jacob’s Savours – a 250g range of flavoured crackers (RSP £4.29) including Sour Cream & Chive Thins, Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Bakes, Sweet Chilli Thins and Cheese.
  • Carr’s Assortment – the premium savoury biscuit brand returns with its 500g Christmas box format (RSP £7.50) and the all-year-round 200g assortment (RSP £2.79).
  • Jacob’s Caddies – Jacob’s Festive Snack Bites, Treeselets, Mini Cheddars and Twiglet Caddies are back for another year with updated packaging to spread more Christmas cheer (RSP £3.49).

For convenience retailers looking to capitalise on Christmas, pladis has put together its top five tips for maximising the festive opportunity:

  • The early bird catches the pounds. The average shopper buys into Seasonal Biscuits twice over the festive period. Maximise sales by stocking Seasonal Biscuits at least 12 weeks before Christmas.
  • Focus on core, sell more. Stock the bestselling lines across the different segments and make your fixture easy to shop.
  • Make Seasonal Biscuits impossible to miss. Shoppers are on auto-pilot so it’s important to interrupt them and encourage impulse purchasing through impactful displays in high footfall areas.
  • Shout about value. Everyone’s looking for a deal at Christmas so make sure prices and promotions are visible and clearly communicated.
  • Add some sparkle to your sales. Add value through novelty products which will delight shoppers and drive trade up.