Marigold clears up product name confusion

Marigold cleaning products

Marigold has revamped its packaging to make it clear to shoppers exactly what its products are for.

Updated packs on the brand’s cloths and scourers range are designed to offer customers a more comprehensive outline of product USPs.

Marigold’s quirky product names – including Let it Shine, Squeaky Clean and Cleaning Me Softly – are now qualified with a descriptor to make it obvious what the type of product is and what its primary uses are.

One product, No More Elbow Grease, has been renamed as the more self-explanatory Scrub Away and given a ‘heavy duty scourer’ product descriptor.

Laura Marsden, Shopper Product Manager for Marigold commented: “In a category where shopper decisions are made in a matter of seconds, it‘s important that packaging clearly communicates product USPs. With this in mind, we have taken this opportunity to further strengthen shopper comprehension of our products.”

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