Introducing… the SLR Products of the Year awards 2020

SLR Products of the Year
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Engaging and new products are the lifeblood of the local retailing industry and we’re helping celebrate this year’s best launches – with the winners chosen exclusively by local retailers.

All local retailers know the vital role that new products play in helping generate excitement among customers in-store and on social media, as well as driving footfall, sales and profits.

This year more than ever, retailers have been relying on a steady stream of innovative, engaging and attention-grabbing new products – and the big brands haven’t let them down.

Which is why Scottish Local Retailer is introducing a new SLR Products of the Year Awards for 2020 with every winner chosen by the people that matter most: local retailers themselves.

All local retailers will be able to vote for their favourite products of 2020 and will have the opportunity to explain why their chosen products were so important to their success this year.

The brand new SLR Products of the Year Awards 2020 will shine a light on the incredible role that suppliers have played in this most challenging of years for the sector. The Awards will recognise and reward the innovation, creativity and adaptability of the many suppliers who have delivered for the local retailing sector this year.

Once the votes have been cast, the winners will be announced in a special supplement as part of the January 2021 issue of SLR and will also be featured in a special edition of our weekly digital magazine The Week In Retail in January.

All winning and shortlisted products will be entitled to carry the SLR Products of the Year Awards 2020 winner or shortlisted logo on-pack and in their marketing materials – thereby completing a virtuous circle by helping drive further sales in the future in local retailing outlets across the country, because we all know that shoppers love an awards-winning product.

How did we establish the shortlist?

Our shortlist has been carefully curated using a complex scoring formula with only the top-performing products making the cut.

Every new product that was carried in SLR in print or digital format in 2020 was analysed and scored against a range of the most important engagement criteria including digital views, reads and clicks as well as offline retailer feedback.

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