Haribo is both naughty and nice this Halloween

Haribo Tangfastricks and Scaremix

Haribo has opened its seasonal bag of tricks and treats in the run-up to Halloween.

Catering for trick or treating, treats for one and parties, Haribo is complementing its range of all year round and seasonal multipacks, along with Maoam’s individually wrapped treats, with a selection of new, novelty sharing bags and a pumpkin-shaped tub.

Claire Caley, Seasonal Brand Manager at Haribo, said: “Halloween continues to grow in popularity, both instore and also in the home. It’s also the biggest seasonal occasion for Haribo, which was reflected in our sales and share of this seasonal market. This was also highlighted in consumer feedback, with our own research noting that out of all sugar confectionery brands, 64% of consumers associate Halloween most with Haribo.”

Bringing a new twist to Haribo Starmix is Scaremix, which retains the shapes from the original but offers altered colours and flavours.

The Starmix egg has become a Toffee Apple eyeball, whilst the heart now takes on new colours with blackcurrant and bubblegum flavours. Boo Bears and Dracula rings have also been added to the mix alongside a blood orange brew for the bottle.

TangfasTricks brings an element of Russian roulette to events. As well as standard pieces, the bag also contains hot and super-sour versions. Approximately one in three pieces in every bag has a surprise in store.

Limited edition Haribo Scaremix and TangfasTricks will be available this month in 150g and 200g bags.

The brand’s Halloween limited editions will also come together in a special pumpkin-shaped Duo tub, containing 400g each of Scaremix and TangfasTricks.

Haribo continues to offer a selection of multipacks, all year round treats and Maoam’s individually wrapped products.

“When it comes to trick or treaters consumers look for value and volume, they want to know that they will have enough treats for visitors when they come knocking at their door. Importantly they also want to ensure that their treats will be liked, this is why recognised brands, such as Haribo and Maoam, are so popular during this occasion,” added Caley.

Completing Haribo’s Halloween line-up are Starmix, Tangfastics and Trick or Treat multipacks. Mega-Party, which combines a selection of Haribo mini bags, will also feature. Multipacks will display the number of treats found in each format on a front of pack flash especially for Halloween.