Gnaw’s news is good news for guilt-free snacking

Gnaw chocolate bar

Artisan chocolate manufacturer Gnaw says it’s managed to combine health and taste in its latest range of Chocolate and Granola bars.

The three-strong range comprises: Milk Chocolate with Peanuts, British Granola & Seeds; Milk Chocolate with Cranberries, Raisins, British Granola & Seeds and Dark Chocolate with Orange, British Granola & Seeds.

The 35g bars have an RSP of 99p and are available in shelf-ready outers of 40 from Gnaw (01603 501518 or

All the new bars are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten-free. The dark bar is also dairy-free.

Matt Legon, Gnaw’s Founder, commented: “Whilst ‘being good’ is great, consumers are still reluctant to lose their sweet tooth completely and they won’t need to. Our new products will certainly keep your chocolate tills ringing.”