Keeping a sharp edge

EdgePetrol dashboard

Juggling EPoS data, supplier prices and fuel deliveries is a problem forecourt retailers can avoid with a free trial of EdgePetrol’s cutting-edge software.

Trying to keep on top of profits and margins can be a complex and time-consuming process for any local retailer, and none more so than forecourt operators. As the cost of fuel constantly changes, it is a major headache calculating the blended price of wet stock as new deliveries fill tanks and sales empty them.

Like most of life’s problems though, someone is always ready to come up with an answer, in this case tech company EdgePetrol.

The EdgePetrol solution securely connects with any EPoS system, any fuel supplier and a forecourt’s tanks to display live volumes and calculate a live weighted-and-blended margin.

It provides the key metrics retailers need without them having type a single digit into a spreadsheet to work out margins.

Data is updated in real-time, giving up-to-the-minute insight on volumes, margins, competitors and other key metrics such as the live impact of fuel cards and bunkering commissions. The data can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

To celebrate the completion of its UK and Irish integrations to all major PoS, BoS, fuel suppliers, wet stock managers and competitor pricing providers, the company is giving forecourt owners and operators with less than 99 sites the opportunity to see their data live on EdgePetrol for three months with no fees attached and no commitment.

EdgePetrol CEO, Gideon Carroll, says: “Using EdgePetrol, customers have found that knowing their live volume metrics and live weighted and blended margin in real-time have help boost their profits by as much as 18%.”

Fuel retailers who would like to take part in a three-month trial should visit or call 020 3865 8689.