Echo Falls unveils new look and fresh positioning to attract new audiences

Echo Falls range

Echo Falls has unveiled a redesign across its entire portfolio, alongside new brand positioning intended to recruit younger shoppers and expand the category.

The £135m brand from Accolade Wines has given its collection a fresh look, with a modern and sophisticated design incorporating a new ‘waterfall’ asset. Created to stand-out on shelves, the designs are intended to complement Echo Falls’ new brand ethos throughout upcoming marketing and innovation campaigns.

Part of a wider £1m marketing spend for the year ahead, the redesign reflects the accessible and approachable proposition of the brand’s drinks. The new positioning as ‘your friend in wine’ aims to attract younger shoppers (35 and under) to the category, as well as to reassure consumers on their wine journey as they navigate through the portfolio.

Lydia Freeman, European Marketing Manager at Accolade Wines, said: “Packaging is a key communication tool for wines. We already have the third-highest wine brand awareness in the UK and this full redesign will enable us to grow our core audience (aged 30+) as well as recruiting new shoppers, the under 28s. We want to reaffirm Echo Falls’ position as the easy-going and sociable wine, perfect for a night with friends.

“A lot of younger people don’t know where to start with wine and therefore are potentially lost to other alcohol categories. Echo Falls, with its collection of fruit, spirit and botanical fusions, as well as our core range of varietals is the perfect brand to introduce wine to a new audience, boosting penetration for the entire category and increasing the likelihood of trading-up in the future. We’re looking forward to working with retailers to ensure they stock the right products for their store, helping to grow the category and boost their sales.”

The new redesigns are available from June 2020. Last month, Echo Falls introduced its new Botanicals range in two flavours (Melon & Mint and Raspberry & Lavender) to cater to trends for low alcohol and botanical products.