Diageo pre-mix PMP cans earn permanent place

Diageo pre-mix cans

The outstanding performance of the £1.50 PMP premix cans from Diageo has earned the range a permanent listing on the shelves at Woodlands Local.

by Antony Begley

We run a lot of trials in Woodlands Local, but very few have delivered quite the success of Diageo’s range of £1.50 price marked premix cans. The range of six different SKUs has performed to varying degrees of success, as you can imagine, given the scope of the products. However, the astonishing thing is that sales of every single product are up on historic sales.

Some lines have been runaway winners – I’m thinking of the Gordon’s Gin & Slimline Tonic here, which has been nothing short of phenomenal – while some others simply performed well, but every SKU has grown sales. Not only that, the lines look good on shelf in their posh trays. The range also adds a little variety and colour to the alcohol chiller.

Clearly the recent spell of good weather has helped boost sales further so we don’t expect the range to continue to fly quite so high all year round, but the results over the three-month trial have been hugely encouraging. The most recent sales figures, polished up no doubt by the sunshine, are as follows:

Average weekly sales during trial v average weekly sales for eight weeks before trial:

  • Gordon’s Gin & Slimline Tonic: +374%
  • Gordon’s Gin & Tonic: +48.7%
  • Smirnoff & Cola: +64.6%
  • Smirnoff & Diet Cola: +133.7%
  • Captain Morgan’s & Cola: +78.1%
  • Smirnoff & Cranberry: +97.4%

While it’s worth pointing out that these figures are from a reasonably low base, in terms of unit sales, the fact that every SKU has grown is enough for us to make the listings permanent, although we will probably slightly amend the number of facings available. Currently, all SKUs enjoy double facings; we will take the slower selling lines down to a single facing – but all six lines are being retained. As trials go, this has been a total success.