Diageo announces commitment to provide alcohol content information per typical serve

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Diageo has announced it will provide consumers with alcohol content and nutrition information per typical serve – a first for any alcohol company.

The move has been praised by Ian Duncan, MEP for Scotland and Member of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, who saw it as a hugely positive step that would give consumers the information they need to make sensible decisions about alcohol.

Duncan added: “Providing both the nutrition and alcohol content of alcohol drinks, in an easy to understand ‘per serving’ format, is a major improvement on the confusing current system, where there are different measurements of alcohol units across the EU.”

Diageo Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Menezes said: “Currently, there is no obligation to provide this information in markets worldwide, but we know that consumers are increasingly discerning about what’s in their glass. We want to provide alcohol and nutrition information that consumers can quickly understand, instead of expecting them to do the maths.”

Diageo will work with regulators to agree the format of voluntary labels.