Dexters adds to £1 PMP range

Dexters Spodgers and Micro Chews

Confectionery brand Dexters is expanding its £1 price-marked pack range with the addition of two new products: Micro Chews and Sour Splodgers.

Strawberry-flavoured Micro Chews will be available from October in 170g bags in shelf-ready outers of 12 packs.

The new Sour Splodgers contains, as its name suggests, “extremely sour chews” and is available in 150g bags, also from October and also in shelf-ready outers of 12.

Both lines are halal accredited. Micro Chews is gelatine free whilst Sour Splodgers is suitable for vegetarians.

“These brand-new products reflect the ever-growing consumer demand for confectionery innovation and strong, exciting flavours,” said Paul Simpson, Commercial Director at Dexters’ brand owner Kervan Gida. “Micro Chews and Sour Splodgers form part of the latest investment in the brand, sitting alongside our recent redesign of the existing range.

“These new additions will come as great news for consumers looking for high-quality, affordable sweet treats and will delight retailers looking for a reliable, attractive product with real shelf appeal. We’re delighted with Dexters’ strong performance in the UK and these new products will further enhance its appeal to shoppers.”