Colman’s turns up the heat with new campaign

Colman's Mustard posters

Unilever has kicked-off a new tongue-in-cheek media campaign to raise awareness of Colman’s Mustard’s superior heat amongst mustard fans.

The campaign, which includes prominent out-of-home advertising as well as social support, follows on from the brand’s recent ‘Easy Does It’ repositioning.

The ads tap into typical British trends that arise in the New Year such as detoxing, cold weather and returning to the gym.

Joanna Watson, brand manager for Colman’s at Unilever, commented: “The campaign is designed to continue to bring the brand’s unique personality to life with more British tongue-in-cheek humour to capture our audience whilst also communicating the heat of Colman’s Mustard.

“This time, we are playing on typical British themes that arise in the New Year to bring some fun to what can be considered as a dreary month.”