Carlsberg Export asks consumers to trust tastebuds

Bottle of Carsberg Export

Carlsberg has unveiled a new campaign on the back of research which it says shows consumers prefer the taste of Carlsberg Export over Stella Artois.

The platform for the new campaign saw the bottled version of Carlsberg Export pitted against the bottled version of Stella Artois in a blind taste test, with 109 consumers. Of those that expressed a preference, Carlsberg says seven out of 10 selected Carlsberg Export.

The ‘Trust Your Tastebuds’ campaign represents the first standalone activity for Export in ten years, and is part of a £14m Carlsberg media spend this year. The campaign will be delivered predominantly through outdoor billboards and will also utilise social media.

David Scott, Director of Brand and Insight at Carlsberg UK, said: “The taste test graphically illustrates how well Carlsberg Export performs against its nearest competitor brand, and in a category that can sometimes see ‘default purchasing’, we wanted to seize this opportunity to remind drinkers that this premium pilsner is a great-tasting product.”

To maximise its impact, Carlsberg UK has also overseen a packaging refresh for Export, which aims to deliver greater stand-out on shelf for retailers.

Scott added: “Our Carlsberg brewers are extremely proud of our flagship premium pilsner because of its unique flavour and pleasing taste, so it’s no surprise to us that drinkers agree.”