Drinks watchdog growls at 3 Pugs

3 Pugs Gin

The Portman Group has upheld a complaint about 3 Pugs Gin, a liqueur produced by Silverback Distillers, after a member of the public thought the product was aimed at under-18s.

The Group’s Independent Complaints Panel concluded that the use of the descriptor ‘pugalicious,’ description of the ‘bubblegum’ flavour on the labelling and the fact that the product was a pink coloured gin were not in themselves problematic.

However, once an image of “cartoon pugs in a hot air balloon overlooking a Willy Wonka-like sweet land across a pink liquid” was thrown into the mix, the Panel felt that 3 Pugs was likely to appeal to youngsters.

A spokesperson for the drinks industry watchdog said: “This decision once again highlights that producers should steer clear of references and imagery related to childhood and childhood memories. They should think carefully about what is conveyed by the overall impression of the product and speak to our advisory service if in any doubt.”