Yollies breaks from the pack

Yollies singles

Kerry Foods has rolled out Yollies Singles, a new format for the yogurt lolly on a stick.

Available now, the new product launches in kids’ most popular flavour, Strawberry. Each Yollies Singles is individually packaged in a protective pod featuring one of 16 different characters, including: pirates, Vikings, scuba divers and a whole host of others. The collectable Yollies sticks are intended to encourage repeat purchase.

Tom Willcock, Kids’ Dairy Marketing Manager at Kerry Foods, commented: “Yollies has been extremely successful in its first year and we feel that the time is now right to introduce an individual pod format to meet demand in the food-to-go market. We know that mums are looking for a healthier treat for kids on-the-go and that kids are looking for something fun and cool that they can spend their pocket money on – and Yollies Singles is the perfect solution for both.

“Feedback from kids has been that Yollies is weird, but they love it; so much so that sales have been extremely strong and we will continue to drive momentum throughout 2016.”

Sonal Chotai, Kerry Foods’ Trade Marketing Manager for Convenience, added: “Yollies Singles are a tailored solution for the convenience sector; the individual price-marked packs will offer a healthier snack for children on-the-go and will continue to expand the category.”