New Whiskas Pouch offers more MeWOW

Whiskas Pouch range

Mars Petcare has given its Whiskas Pouch product a major overhaul, supported by a new in-store marketing campaign.

The renovation delivers a new and improved recipe with improved aesthetics alongside more gravy and jelly. Over 30% of ‘Cat Wet’ shoppers in the UK are exclusively seeking natural and real-looking cat food and are willing to pay more for it – and the new aesthetic improvements tap into this growing demand.

At the same time, Whiskas continues its life stage journey by tailoring its nutritional content to the main stages of a cat’s life – including the launch of an 11+ offering, which focuses on supporting healthy heart and optimum digestion for older cats. In the UK, over 18% of cats are over 11 years old and Whiskas is the first mainstream brand to step into this higher age bracket. The 11+ proposition is available in Meaty, Poultry and Fish selections.

As well as the recipe upgrade, new packaging communicates product details and boasts a more modern, impactful design. The packaging includes the stated commitment that Whiskas’s products are made “with selected natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals”, while the Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC stamp of approval is on all the fish products.

Whiskas has also partnered with TerraCycle on the Pet Food Recycling Programme – a nationwide scheme which enables the transformation of waste packaging into useful items.

The Whiskas pouch renovation will be supported by a ‘Get more MeWOW’ campaign, which – as one might expect – encourages shoppers to get more MeWOWs from their cat with the new products.

Annie Argyle, Whiskas Brand Manager UK, explained further: “MeWOW is a simple, powerful expression of innovation, taste and – most of all – enjoyment. It is grounded in the category growth driver of Balanced Feeding, where in order to drive value through encouraging more wet feeding we must first create a product that cats (who are notoriously fussy) really enjoy.

“We have achieved this through the delicious taste and aesthetic of the new Whiskas pouch range, we know that both owner and pet will love.”

The new Whiskas Pouch range is available to order now.