New GroceryAid partnership provides innovative wellbeing support

GroceryAid and Rightsteps' wellbeing partnership

GroceryAid has expanded its mental health support offering by creating a new partnership with Rightsteps.

A new evidence-based online wellbeing support portal, hosted by Rightsteps, covers a wide range of mind, body and behaviour topics including mental health.

It takes a preventative approach, focussing on psycho-education to develop self-awareness and self-management in relation to health and wellbeing. The support is available on demand, providing interventions which help colleagues develop personal resilience.

To see the full portal and access the information visit the GroceryAid website.

Mandi Leonard, Welfare Director at GroceryAid commented; “Mental health is the number one health issue for employees in the UK and over the last five years rates of absence due common forms of mental health issues including anxiety and low mood (depression) have grown consistently year on year.

“In many businesses mental health has overtaken musculoskeletal and physical illness as the leading cause of absence within the workforce. We are pleased to make this accessible and user-friendly support available to the industry.”